To assure maximum capability, Invetech maintains a fully equipped failure analysis laboratory including a scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray analysis attachment and an FTIR micro-spectrometer. We conceptualize, design and build equipment for specialized tests and evaluations, including corrosion studies, creep evaluations, strain gauged component assessments, and load-to-break tests. For routine chemical and mechanical testing, Invetech has long-standing arrangements with local certified laboratories to ensure accurate and fast turn-round. We specialize in exceptional in-field documentation and evaluation methodologies. Finally, Invetech’s work products are tailored to the needs of the client, being as brief or comprehensive as required and requested.

The principals and consultants at Invetech have over 50 years combined experience in the areas of engineering evaluations and failure analysis. As these activities frequently require the use of a “team” approach to problem solving, Invetech integrates associates from various disciplines together with its in-house capabilities to ensure that the appropriate resources are assembled to address the problem at hand. Alternatively, Invetech can blend its own expertise and facilities into a previously existing team to ensure that the available interactive and synergistic opportunities are maximized.
We believe that Invetech’s success over the last 20 plus years is a direct result of our capabilities, responsiveness and professionalism. We would welcome any inquiries as to how we may be able to help in the resolution of any engineering or materials issues you may have.